How are you contributing?

Emergency Honduras Relief Humanitarian Programs of the Salesians University, for Honduras

  • You will help with food, medicines, temporary relocation, emergency reconstruction, hygiene products for victims. Through the missionary brigades of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Tegucigalpa


  • Aquaponic Solution.
  • Food, Health and Nutrition Security.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Cooperativism, small and medium enterprises
  • You will help us to continue teaching 400 of youngs on how to be financially independant thru Aquaponia.
  • Your contribution will help build communal aquaponic systems in the most vulnerable areas of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  • You will help emigrants to receive professional training courses that allow them to create their own companies.

More information about the project.

SOS Misionero

  • community dining room program
  • hygiene and nutrition
  • library and multipurpose rooms
  • recreation and training
  • telephone help
  • humanitarian aid and charities.

Bartolomeo Garelli School

Through flexible and abbreviated forms of education, USP will start its EBG program “Bartolomeo Garelli School” in spring 2021, which allows access to abbreviated secondary education for young people and adults who have left the educational system without any qualifications; but who wish to pursue higher technical studies for the formation of their own company. They will have a learning offer adapted to their conditions, which can be developed virtually in a maximum of two years. We are interested in the best students, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, we are committed to fully comply with helping you get a Scholarship while your studies last.